One year into our liveaboard life

Can’t believe it’s been over a year since packing up and letting go of our worldly possessions to moved aboard Tamaha. How life has changed. As has Tamaha. From a tatty old lady she is emerging as the elegant “little ship” that her designer and builders originally created – thanks to Kevin, my husband and business partner.

New neighbours tell us we have a beautiful boat and we burst with pride – the old salts tell us that they never thought we’d actually do it and congratulate us for having the endurance to get this far. Most apparently give up on the dream.



We have changed too. Though the changes are probably not as visible on the outside, there is a whole heap of stuff that has changed on the inside. I must admit that I struggled with it for a while, but once I let go of the old and accepted the new, it was all good.

1557714_10151923168222541_1427525377_nThe rhythm of life is quite different now, it’s slower and more detailed and so much more gentle. It has greater depth. We appreciate the small things like sunrise and sunset and the phases of the moon – and having enough water on board for a cup of tea. We have developed a great respect for the forces of nature and are learning to live alongside instead of fight her. We are learning to take better care of ourselves.

There are so many “aha” moments and new lessons being learned every day and isn’t that the point of life? We are happy. Even though we haven’t gone anywhere yet, it’s been an incredible journey for the three of us. Tamaha will be going back in the water in a few weeks time and the next leg of our liveaboard/workaboard journey will begin. Next we start remodeling her inside – perhaps it’s time to start remodeling my outside. Now where is that gym membership….


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