Helen Lord

When a coach needs a coach – a ritual for letting go.

Becoming a coach means you meet many other coaches during training. As any coach or therapist knows, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you cannot effectively coach or heal yourself. I met Helen Lord on a Business Coaching training at the beginning of 2013 and we clicked right away. As we were both making big changes we decided to exchange her life coaching for my business coaching. Helen has worked with me through so many life changing decisions (and still does) and I could not have done any of this with out her.

Finding Tamaha and deciding to liveaboard was just the first step for us and there were many to go before we gave up our land life and moved aboard. We had just two months to get our neglected old lady in some kind of ship shape as well as shed all of our land based possessions. I had moved three time in the preceding three years into progressively smaller properties and everything that was left held great sentimental value. So many happy family times had taken place around my solid ten foot table. I’d always found a home where there was space for my children and then grandchildren to take up their places. There were a few precious items that I’d brought back from my beloved Cape Town that held the memories of 20 magical years. And my books and paintings! I was distraught and grieving at the thought of losing them forever.

Helen was my rock and coached me through the process. She encouraged me to create a digital photo journal of everything I loved to take with me onboard. It was a brilliant idea! The process of photographing and capturing the memories and essence of each piece was also a ritual of saying goodbye and letting go. I’d encourage anyone who has similar issues about moving home to liveaboard to do the same.


6 thoughts on “When a coach needs a coach – a ritual for letting go.

  1. Good blog post. We’re too close to be able to work with ourselves deeply. It’s good to find someone who can spot things we’re missing and challenge us. Pain in the backside but it has to be done!

    Looking forward to your next post 🙂

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  2. Great Message today Kae and for me perfect timing. I hang on to way to much stuff and am about to have a massive clear out. I have sentimental things in my loft that are wasted up there, so now I shall start a photograph album for them and let them go. Looking forward to reading more x

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  3. I am so thankful for the day we met. Funding such a fabulous intuitive coach was my great luck.
    It really has been a joy being coached by, and coaching you.
    I get so much out of our time together no matter which direction the coaching is.
    Loving the direction you’re moving – xxx


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