Liveaboard Vow #2 – to love and to cherish

1476428_10151760384702541_1714836551_nLiving and working together on a 30 foot boat requires a lot of mutual understanding and compromise (especially in the winter months). We had previously lived together for five years and it’s quite amazing what you don’t really need to know about one another. Any ladylike pretense of  “I don’t do that” was soon gone, every intimate detail of our lives now shared. Being with each other 24/7 could become a little difficult without Vow #2.

Vow #2 – I promise to laugh at myself

Kevin and I used to be terribly serious, very political and always looking for a way to save the world. Since moving aboard we have discovered that it’s still possible to be socially and environmentally aware and have fun at the same time. With both of us doing something completely new, we have the advantage of not having to pretend that we are experts at any of this stuff. We can ask stupid questions and do silly things and laugh along with each other when it all goes a bit wrong. If we took ourselves too seriously, this would be a very painful and unpleasant journey.

When I look back over these last few months, I see a lot of progress and I also see a lot of laughter. In general the people that we meet around the boatyard have a great capacity to laugh at themselves and there is always a story being shared about doing something daft. I have discovered that fun is viral.

1422531_10151724113317541_1814335162_nOur serious shell cracked after our first couple of weeks of owning Tamaha. My very intellectual husband spent every hour of the day sanding the decks (one foot at a time) and he had sanding on the brain. He took a break from this to repair a piece of leather (another new task for him) and realised he needed a special needle. He went to a local haberdashery to get advice and buy the correct tools. While waiting to pay he noticed some dust masks that were much cheaper than the hardware store and said “I’ll also have a couple of those please” to the sales assistant. “What size sir” she asked. “Oh I didn’t know they came in different sizes” he replied as he covers his nose and mouth to try one for size. “Sir!!! You do know those are bra cups!!” shouts the highly amused shop assistant. Gosh we still laugh at that one Smile.

So many stories to tell, so much laughter.

1930295_27510782540_2749_nThe second vow we made to our liveaboard lifestyle was,  “I promise to laugh at myself”. We have learned not to take ourselves too seriously. We share our silly mistakes with our fellow boaters and therein we have found a common bond. We have learned that we are both very human and, shock and horror, we all “do that”. We share our love through acceptance, understanding and lots of laughter.

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3 thoughts on “Liveaboard Vow #2 – to love and to cherish

  1. They’re the same shape I tell you! Though it probably does explain why you never see two men standing next to each other wearing disposable dust masks.

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