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Digital Pirates – The wind of change

The UK General Election

There seems to be something in the air today. The wind of change is a blowing and it’s not just because the most unpredictable general election of all time is currently underway in the UK.

Yesterday I decided to change the name of this blog to Digital Pirates. It’s evolving into a site that is a lot wider and more general than the story of our journey aboard Tamaha.

What’s in a name?

After thinking for a while and getting input on the name, I registered . I decided on the eu TLD (top level domain name) to differentiate us from the information already available to digital nomads cruising around the Americas. While these sites are a valuable resource, and I will be regularly quoting and linking to them, I would like to focus on the practicalities and opportunities of cruising in European waters.

This morning I was writing a post about finding work as a Digital Nomad and I wanted to include some information on O’Desk. Guess what? Today they’ve changed their name to Upwork and combined the services of both Elance and O’Desk under the new brand. This will make it easier for nomads all over the world to find, as well as offer, work. One site, one account and all of Upwork’s location independent opportunities under one umbrella (there will be more about these types of services in the Digital Nomads post).

Our old friend Skype is also in the news with a potential forced rebrand. The BBC reported  “Video chat software Skype’s name is so similar to the broadcaster Sky’s that the public is likely to be confused between the two, an EU court has ruled.” This probably won’t mean a name change but we may see an expensive wind of change blowing the Skype clouds off into the distance.

A friend of mine was forced to change the name of her small business after it was brought to her attention that a multi-national company had a registered trade mark in the UK. It didn’t matter that the business was her own surname and her salon had been in operation for many years. She considered fighting, it was after all her own name, but was advised that she’d lose the case. The name change was a very expensive exercise for such a small business.

wind of change quoteThink global, act local

The stories above illustrate that no matter how small our business is or how big we plan to become, we have think globally. Those who are really global players are embracing the change and reaping the benefits. Those who are not making themselves aware or are choose to fight like hell against it are wasting a lot of energy and money defending their position.

A name change to may be considered a tad mundane in comparison to the historic general election taking place today but both have direct impact on my success.  I hope the government we choose to elect today is one that discourages small-minded insular thinking and embraces the opportunities we gain by thinking globally. The alternative has implications for our freedom.

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One thought on “Digital Pirates – The wind of change

  1. Doesn’t sound mundane at all to me; very exciting. Agree completely with your comments about thinking globally. Alas, I don’t think whoever we get is likely to have a global mindset, only a ‘what can I get for myself in the next 5 years’ mindset.


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