Digital nomad at laptop

Doing business Digital Nomad style

There is so much information out there on the Internet about doing business Digital Nomad style. Blogging genius, Sarah Arrow, advises “The best way to learn any skill is to observe those that came before.” On that basis I am sharing this information with you to let you see three different types of experience straight from the video’s of Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs.

Digital nomads show how the world is changing by Youjin

The first video is the introduction to a Digital Nomad documentary that Youjin is creating and was shot in Hubud, the largest co-working space in Bali, Indonesia.

“Let’s stop selling the digital nomad lifestyle as a miracle cure and instead expose its reality I want to show people this (is) another way of living. That’s the reason why I started this digital nomad documentary project. I don’t want to say “you should be a digital nomad” or “this is so cool, awesome, hip, and better life!” in this film. I want to show what is actually going on around this emerging scene, to people who still think being physically in an office is the only way they can work and live. To people in this scene digital nomadism seems to be exploding. Yet, it’s still in a very early stage of development. One thing I’m sure about is, living as a digital nomad has become a more workable choice for lots of people.”  Youjin

Youjin is raising funds to complete the full documentary through Crowdfunding. and you can donate by visiting her site One Way Ticket and can also follow Youjin on Twitter.

Static To Nomadic Documentary by Eric Jacobs

Eric Jocobs travels around America in his RV with his cat Jax and tells his story in the documentary Static to Nomadic.  Eric’s aim was to change his life and lower his carbon footprint, he almost became a Digital Nomad Entrepreneur by accident. Jax is a brilliant travelling companion to Eric (makes me think a ship’s cat is not such a daft idea) and is becoming a star on Eric’s YouTube channel Nomadic Fanatic

You can connect to Eric on his Nomadic Fanatic Facebook page.

I work on line by Jeremy Ginsburg

And to lighten things up and end on a bit of fun I’ll finish with a little video parody of “I will survive” with “I work online” by Jeremy Ginsburg.

“Jokes and parodies aside, it’s pretty cool to have your own online business and to be location independent. ”

You can subscribe to Jeremy’s YouTube channel to see more of his parodies

Food for thought

I hope this has given you some insight and inspiration or at least food for thought. You can live your life differently if you chose. And you don’t have to be young to do it, we often have more freedom when the kids have grown and flown. Age is only a state of mind when you work online.

If you have any experience running a Digital Nomad or Work Afloat business, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your story and blog links in the comments. If you found this post interesting and you think other’s will too, please share with your network on social media.


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