Tarot consultations for business

It’s a new year and time for setting goals and exploring new opportunities for your business. Why not take a break from your lists and mulling and look at your business from a totally fresh perspective.

Thanks Kae for the awesome Tarot reading – you were right in every aspect – just could not see the wood for the trees. Everything you pointed me to was spot on. Now I know where to come to in future. – Julie, Cape Town

Shake up your thinking

How is the goal settibright-idea-03138ng going for you so far? Do you get bogged down with self-talk and limiting beliefs and revert to the same tried and tested things expecting different results? Could you benefit from a different way of seeing yourself and your business?

The new year is a perfect time for a mind shake-up. A Tarot consultation can guide you to an alternative route; free from the rubble of those niggling doubts and worry worms. It comes at you from left field, accessing ideas and opportunities and asking questions you haven’t considered. The cards help view your business from a different angle and see opportunities, choices and decisions from an unexpected direction.

Kae’s Tarot card reading was interesting and sensitive . It left me feeling uplifted and positive about my exciting present and illuminated future goals. Fabulous ! Silke, Essex

Tarot as a business coach

bright-idea-03139I have been working with and studying the Tarot for over a decade. As a Business Coach and Consultant, I use the Tarot as a coaching tool to help my clients shift their way of thinking and tap into their unconscious resources.

My own business experience ranges from managing tech companies to strategic consultancy and I own and operate a digital media outsourcing company (Virtual Demons). I have worked with clients in most industries, both public and private sector, in the northern and southern hemisphere. I have used the Tarot for brainstorming, problem solving and ideas generating for leading brands.

I can definitely recommend Kae’s (amongst many) skills as a Tarot Reader. She allowed me to go at my own pace and to bring together what she saw in the cards. Excellent. Irene Brankin, Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Author


A 2-hour face to face business consultation and reading is conducted at your business or home and costs £50 plus travelling costs if more than 15 miles from Rochford in Essex. We will spend time discussing your business and aspirations before aligning the reading with your business goals. The reading is very interactive and you can take notes or record it if you wish.

Kae’s reading has helped me feel confident about myself and my future life. Her thoughtful, authentic and clear interpretation made perfect sense. I am strengthened and resolved to trust my own wisdom and to walk tall in the world. Barbara, London

For those further afield, I also offer the Tarot for business consultations by email, phone or Skype.

New Year Offer 

Have your first Tarot for business consultantion and get a half-price follow-up reading within three months.

Call me on  07795-963699 or email kae@virtualdemons.com

Personal Tarot readings and parties

In addition 8Cupsto business readings, I also offer personal readings. I come to your home and read for you alone or with a group of friends. A personal reading last about an hour and cost £35 + travelling expenses if more than 15 miles from Rochford, Essex.

At parties, I read for up to six people for 20 minutes each and the host attends free. You can incorporate this into an entertaining evening with friends or clients. The cost for the party is £100 + travelling cost if more than 15 miles from Rochford (£20 each for your five guests and the host attends free). If you are entertaining clients and require more Tarot readers, these can also be arranged.

Tarot is for guidance

It is important to note that a Tarot reading is done for guidance and is not a prediction of the future. You have free will and, like any advice given, you can choose to take or leave it. You are always in control of your own destiny.

Contact me for a chat or more information on 0779 596 3699, email kae@virtualdemons.com or post a comment below. 



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