Business Alchemy

tree-200795_1920It’s time to address the fears and scepticism of using magic in business. For many years, I have lived two lives and I felt that never the twain shall meet (in public) – but it is my ambition to be as authentic as possible and integrate these parts forever. I feel that the time is right to share the skills and knowledge I have gained with those interested in building a profitable, ecological and authentic business.  Those who can feel their destiny in their gut and are not scared to use the intuitive resources they have been gifted.

You will probably be surprised to learn that you are using magic in your business already – you just call it something different.

Finding magic

girl-908168_1280I have always been fascinated by the occult (definition: mystical, supernatural, or magical powers, practices, or phenomena) and ever since I was a child nature was my church. I remember climbing and sitting in the arms of a tree from a very young age and telling it all of my problems. That tree was my confidante, she knew all of my secrets. She made me feel better, made me feel safe. People find their gods in all sorts of places.

As I grew up I started to explore and study – first of all from books and classes and then through the magic of the Internet. I met other explorers and I learned from them. I drew my own conclusions and created my own beliefs.

There is no dogma in my path, I’m happy to change and adapt as I grow older and continue to learn. I’m also happy for others to have completely different beliefs. As I see it we are all finding our way up a mountain and there are many paths and ways to get there – none is right and none is wrong. While some follow others on a well-trodden route, some explore many paths or make their own – we all get to the top eventually. I guess that. for me, belief in a power greater than myself is important. What that power is exactly I will known when I reach the summit.

Doing business

woman-241328_1920Meanwhile, back in the “real” world, I was forging a career in technology. I started out as a graphic designer but found out I had a flair for predicting trends in technology and became an early adopter of computers as they entered the creative world. I was an Internet evangelist when it was opened up to commercial business in the early 90s – sharing my vision of the future when only one web browser was available with no graphics on websites. I was lucky that I worked with and for people who believed as I did and it was my job to position the companies in the group to be first to market with new technological solutions.

I worked alongside Apple and Adobe, Cisco and IBM and all of the big tech names – they were fascinated with the predictions we were making and the work we were doing. A number of world-firsts were achieved through making tech do what it wasn’t built to do. They gave us test equipment and software and we helped to drive the market forward to a connected future.

The next step was to help other businesses understand, adopt and use emerging technology in a way that benefits their business – and that is what I do today. I’m still visioning the future and pushing technology so that we can live free of fossil fuels, governments and banks on our little sailing ship Tamaha and do the work we love from anywhere in the interconnected world.

Business Alchemy

tree-1090854_1920Business and the occult have been intertwined threads throughout my life.

I have always used my two great passions side by side, I just didn’t always tell people I was doing it.

This is the first in a serious of blog posts on bringing my style of business alchemy into your business and I hope you will enjoy and interact with them in the comments below.



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